Sunday, November 7, 2010

Angry Birds

[ English version ]
This afternoon, I'll show you the game Angry Birds, the most sold app on the AppStore for the moment. Only $0,99 to get the complete game.

It's a very simple game, from the well known flash game. You have some little birds that you have to launch on walls and other thing who protects little monsters.

Well, it will be easier to catch with some pics. Look at the bottom of the post.

Cette après-midi, présentation du jeu Angry Birds, l'app la plus vendue sur l'AppStore pour le moment. Au petit prix de $0,99, vous obtenez le jeu complet.

Le jeu est très simple et tiré de jeux flash assez connu. Vous avez 4 petits oiseaux que vous devez catapulter sur des barricades protégeant des petits monstres.

Enfin ce sera certainement beaucoup plus explicite avec des images ;) !

Voilà vos petits oiseaux tout énervés !
Your little birds

Que vous catapultez
You launch them

Et qui cassent tout !
They break everything

Et voilà passez au niveau suivant ;) !
And you go to the next level ;p !

Petit jeu très sympatique, aussi prenant que Cut the rope. Au même prix et dont les ventes explosent également.
Un jeu définitivement à conseiller pour passer le temps ;) !

It's a fun little game, as well as Cut the rope. At the same price and same success. Definitely a game to have if you have some time to waste :)!


  1. From the pictures, it looks like an amusing game to play. Waiting on that English version.

  2. ahahah sounds fun...
    poor little dude

  3. Benn playing this on Android for a while now... good fun, kinda frustrating at times.

  4. Jeu terminé, 17 œufs d'or trouvés (;

  5. Angry Birds in HD is beautiful to play.

  6. ive never played this before

  7. saw my friend playing The Game he said its worth the $0.99

  8. Looks interesting, gotta wait for the english version though :D

  9. yea i would love to get some info on english

  10. Don't even need an English version to know that this games a bargain at one buck!

  11. Kewl story, bro! waiting for updates from you

  12. I dont need to read that to know how aesome this game is. Its something to waste time on for sure.

  13. I have this for my iPad. It's freakin awesome!

  14. I loved this app before my iPod broke!

  15. angry birds is a great game! i have it for my android and love it. played it previously on the iphone and was really excited when it was released for free on the android marketplace. good game!!