Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Documents to go

[ English version ]

A little more professional app for this morning...
Documents to go is an app to manage your documents (word/excel/powerpoint/pdf) immediately from your iPhone. You can see but also modify your documents.

You can synchronise your documents with the Documents to go application (on your computer). But you have also the possibility to synchronise with Google Docs, Box.net, dropbox, and some others systems.

A very useful app if you're not behind your computer and you've a presentation or any document to modify urgently. As I said, in my opinion it's a professional app, the price is also professional...
Price : $9,99
Download link : here 

[ French version ]

Une application un peu plus professionnelle en ce matin...
Documents to go est une application pour gerer vos documents (word/excel/powerpoint/pdf) depuis votre iPhone. Il permet de visualiser mais également de modifier ces documents.

Vous avez la possibilité de synchroniser votre iPhone avec l'application de bureau Documents to go (via une sécurité par mot de passe). Mais pas seulement via cette application, vous avez également la possibilité de synchroniser vos documents via googles docs, box.net, docbox et d'autres encore.

Une application très utile lorsque vous êtes en déplacement et que vous avez le besoin urgent de modifier une présentation ou un documents. Enfin une application professionnelle a un prix professionnel lui également...

Prix : $9,99
Lien de téléchargement : ici


  1. WOW it's like office for iphone. interesting

  2. I tried viewing Excel spreadsheets on a Blackberry - once.

  3. Hmm.... I don't think I'll ever put this on my Ipod Touch though. I'll just stick with the laptop.

  4. Great app if i ever needed to use it.

  5. Hmm.. This could prove very useful

  6. thanks for the review, blackberry also has a similar app to this

  7. Is there a cheaper alternative? I'm broke as a joke.

  8. It seems neat but I would never need it.

  9. But you still have to rely on trying to type on your iPhone. I can see it being more convenient, as you are more likely to carry around your iPhone instead of your laptop most of the time.

  10. I'll stick with my laptop, I don't to enough documents to warrant a 10 dollar app for my phone.

  11. I have tried out this App before, not really something I'd keep on my iPhone when I have my laptop that can do that.