Thursday, November 25, 2010

BlackFriday2010 !

[ English version ]

From today (november 25) till tuesday november 30 2010, all the Mac & iPhone apps from Creaceed are -30%. This offer is unique and available for everyone in every country ! A such promo won't show up for a long time, tells us Sandrine Loiseau from Creaceed. So let's go...
iPhone Apps : 
Prizmo: 5,49€  (7,99€)
- Voices (in Prizmo): 1,59€  (2,39€)
Vocalia: 2,39€  (2,99€)
Kuboku: 0,79€ ( 1,59€)
Mac Apps :
- Hydra + plug-ins Aperture et Lightroom: $55,97  ($79,95)
- Prizmo: $34,97 ($49,95)
- Morph Age Regular: $41,97 ($59,95)
- Morph Age Pro: $107,97 ($149,95)
- Elasty, la boîte à outils 100% vidéo: $34,97 ($49,95)

To have this promo, you just have to use the promo-code 'BlackFriday2010' in the promo-field.

[ French version ]

Du jeudi 25 au mardi 30 novembre 2010, toutes les applications Mac et iPhone de Creaceed sont à -30%. Cette offre unique est accessible à tous, et dans tous les pays! “Une telle réduction ne se représentera pas de si tôt”, nous indique Sandrine Loiseau, chargée de communication chez Creaceed. A bon entendeur…
Applications iPhone :
Prizmo: 5,49€ au lieu de 7,99€
- Voix de synthèse (dans Prizmo): 1,59€ au lieu de 2,39€
Vocalia: 2,39€ au lieu de 2,99€
Kuboku: 0,79€ au lieu de 1,59€
Applications Mac :
- Hydra + plug-ins Aperture et Lightroom: $55,97 au lieu de $79,95
- Prizmo: $34,97 au lieu de $49,95
- Morph Age Regular: $41,97 au lieu de $59,95
- Morph Age Pro: $107,97 au lieu de $149,95
- Elasty, la boîte à outils 100% vidéo: $34,97 au lieu de $49,95
Pour obtenir la réduction de 30%, il suffit de coller le code “BlackFriday2010″ dans le champ “Code de réduction (optionnel)”.

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  1. wooo look at all those savings. and i dont know most the girls names that i post on my blog. but they are hot.

  2. Thanks for sharing this promocode with us! Black friday hereeee I come :D

  3. Very cool deals. All the people who rush to buy these apps must offset the loss of money from reducing the costs. Also the limited time offer thing compels people to buy more than they normally would. Thank you for the notice!

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  9. Very useful, thanks for the code, the guys who sell will have a massive sale on black friday

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  12. nice app! Was wondering if there was jailbreak stuff out for the new version of itunes for the 3g?

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