Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Shazam! One of the most popular and the easiest application to use. A simple click and it analyzes the music you are listening by giving you the result within a minute!
Shazam keeps the list of your research and offers a ranking of hits updated weekly. 
It is now possible to share the tag with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

A simple application to use and very handy when you listen to the radio and the track name doesn't come back!


Shazam ! L'une des applications les plus populaires et une des plus simples d'utilisation. Un simple clic et il analyse la musique que vous écoutez en vous donnant le résultat dans la minute !
Shazam garde la liste de vos recherches et vous propose un  classement des hits mis à jour chaque semaine. Il est maintenant possible de partager les tag avec ses amis via Facebook ou Twitter.
Une application simple d'utilisation et vraiment pratique lorsque vous écoutez la radio et que le titre écouté ne vous revient plus ;) !


  1. Very cool. Thanks for the info!

  2. shazam is one of my absolutely fav apps :o

  3. dont understand French :( and Gtranslate is lame :S

  4. It's not a google translate :(... Sorry if I'm not perfect english speaker :<

  5. LOVE Shazam! one of the best apps out there

  6. Thanks mate, needed some new things for my ipod touch :P, will keep up with you.

  7. Thanks for the review, I've been wanting to try this out.

  8. It even identifies a song that goes on the radio from you car's bad quality speakers. Impressive.