Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Wallet+

[ English version ]

Everytime at the end of the month, I'm asking where my money is ? Where is it gone ? I remember sometimes that I spend 5€ for this, 15€ for that, 25€ for my subscription for this, the renting, etc... In order to have a better overview of all my transactions, I was looking for an app to help me.

I know that a lot of people are doing this through an excel form but I prefer to do it on my iPhone and I was pretty sure that an app exists for this.

Indeed an app exists ! After only a couple of minutes I found My Wallet+.

My Wallet+ allows you to manage your expenses and incomes. You can manage it week after week, an overview month by month or year by year shows you exactly how much you spend in useless things and helps you to take care of your wallet ;) !

There's a little option to begin the month on the day you want (generally the day when you receive your salary). And you've also a lot of different currency (eur, US$, YEN, etc.).

And the awesomeness of this app is that you can extract all the data to an excel/csv or html format to do more analytic work on it :) !

To resume, it's a good little app, very easy to use and it clearly helps to manage your expenses and certainly save money :) !

Price : $1,99
Download link : here

[ French version ]

Je me demande souvent en fin de mois où est passé mon argent, 5€ par ici, 15€ par là, 25€ d'abonnement pour ceci, les frais du loyer, etc. Je me suis donc mis à la recherche d'une application pour gérer mon budget et mon portefeuille !
Après quelques minutes de recherches et de comparaison, mon sort se jette sur My Wallet+.

My Wallet+ est une application qui permet de gérer ses finances semaine par semaine. De voir un résumé des dépenses par mois ainsi que par an.
Il permet de rajouter toutes vos transaction en quelques instants via ses nombreuses catégories pré-enregistrée.

La possibilité de faire débuter le mois au moment de votre paie et pas seulement débuter le mois au 1er. Vous avez également la possibilité de changer la monnaie utilisée, il permet de choisir parmis une longue liste de devises ;) !

Et la fonction la plus utilie de l'application est qu'elle vous permet d'extraire les données vers un fichiers excel/csv ou html pour analyser plus en profondeur vos dépenses.

Enfin globalement une petite application pratique, facile d'utilisation et qui vous permettra très certainement de gérer vos finances de manière optimale !

Prix : $1,99
Lien de téléchargement : ici


  1. I've got a similar software but since it's on my computer, I keep forgetting to add some stuff I buy. Thanks

  2. Pretty good if you only want to save passwords.

  3. €250 a month on gas - are you a truck driver?

  4. Cool story, bro!
    Following your blog

  5. hehe can be a very useful app

  6. great review. i always wanted a app like this but was 2 lazy to look.

  7. That actually look pretty clean, I'm sure there are other much versions out there.

  8. nice i like your post!
    Following you bro!

  9. That would be useful for me if the wifi chip was working in my iTouch.

  10. Oh my...its exactly what I need!! gonna get this now

  11. the old siemens phones had something like that too

  12. love what you've done with the place..

  13. Of Pericles, to rage the city turn, Following!

  14. Not an App that I would use, I try to avoid spending money I dont have lol.

  15. That's neat looking. I'm afraid to find out how much I randomly spend on things though.

  16. i have a similar app, but i don't remember the name off the top of my head... i track my finances to the cent!!

  17. Thats a pretty sweet aopp. I have been saving my receipts this year so i can go back over and see how much money I spent on eating out and everything.